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MetaCulture is a cultural center born from an idea - the will to create a movement that will merge together culture, arts and social action.

A contract

A project contract is the contract for a list of activities passed between MetaCulture and its public.

It is a concrete tool that guarantee the realisations of projects in the time.

For MetaCulture, it is based on 3 directions, that can happen inside, or outside the walls of the center.


for artistic creation and content (exhibitions, concerts, festivals etc)


for the transmission of knowledge and culture (lectures, library, conferences, journalism etc)

Social actions


for the active side of MetaCulture

(civil&civic actions, activism, debates, speakings, sports etc)

To develop the civic initiatives in Kyiv, and the Podil's district, we install a system of projects calls.

Every month, we will help and promote one project per category ( artistic, cultural and social actions), and bring our energy for the realisation of it.

All visitors can contact us throughout our anonymous box at the entrance of MetaCulture, our email metaculture.kyiv@gmail.com, or Application form.

All ideas will be noted, estimated, calculated and archived.

The most interesting and achievables projects will be noted here, and our team will start the realisation.

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